Hawaii Five-0 - Boo Boo & G.I. Joe

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Summer was always the favorite time of the year for the older two of the three McGarrett children. Sean and Josh had this time to spend at home without having to worry about school and - the beauty of it all - Harvey was at work from 7 to 7 and McG, as strict as he could be, was working long hours at the precinct.

But weekends, those were beautiful. Summer weekends were the favorite of everyone in the McGarrett household. Harvey got a break, he didn’t have to shave for a couple of days and he got to spend some much needed time resting and relaxing with his four favorite boys. Steve (usually) didn’t get called into work and he, too, could enjoy the sunshine with his loved ones. Beau got a break from the nanny and Josh and Sean got to spend time with their parents.

This weekend was no different than any other weekend. Beau was kicking around the soccer ball on freshly mown grass, Josh was playing table tennis with a friend, and Sean was mowing the yard. Because he was in trouble. Again.

And, off to the side - watching and enjoying it all - were Harvey and Steven drinking their beers and drowning in happiness and love for the little family they created together.

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Alex: God, you’re beautiful, Danny!
Scott: C’mon!
Alex: I fuckin’ love you, man!

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This man is made up of billions of little sexy pheromones that travel through space and time to attack women all over the world. There’s no other way to explain it.  He is PURE SEX ON LEGS!!! Alex O’Loughlin  God love him! 

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Catching the NZ movie “Boy” at Kahala 8. Photo: Laurie Cicotello

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Alex’s Hiatus Hairdo! Photo: @supercw

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In which Danno speaks Tumblr!!
Where I hate your face means I LOVE YOUR FUCKING PERFECT FACE!!

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It’s looooooooooooooove. <3 LOOK AT THEIR HANDS! xD

dfghj presh.

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