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Bane - character tropes

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artbynathanshulman: How do you think a Bane vs. Joker epic would go down, within the context of Nolan's take on the Batman universe? I'm a long time admirer of your articulate insight and passion for Bane and would love your opinion. (Disclaimer: This isn't coming from that tired trope of Hardy vs. Ledger, who's the better villain blah blah blah) Thanks for the amazing site!


First of all, thank you for your kind words! I do love theorising about Bane/The Dark Knight Rises, so I’m glad there are awesome people like you out there to talk about this stuff with. Thanks for the support!


Bane V The Joker is a tough one. I think Bane would have a particular disdain for The Joker. Bane is very much about the importance of politics and power and what that means for people’s lives. He sees violence and mayhem as necessary in order to address injustice. So for Bane there is political and social meaning in what he does and how he does it. The Joker, on the other hand, is all about anarchy, insanity and agitation. So their motivations are totally different.

Hand-to-hand combat, Bane obviously wins. He is way bigger and stronger. He knows how to win those kinds of fights. Even if The Joker had the knowledge of the significance of Bane’s mask (like Batman did in the final fight), I still imagine Bane would be able to take The Joker out pretty swiftly.

In terms of strategy though, I think The Joker, as weird as it sounds, would have the upper hand. The Joker is unpredictable. He barely knows what he is going to do until the last minute. There aren’t any rules for The Joker. Bane, on the other hand, likes structure and planning and logic. Everything is deliberate with Bane. So The Joker could probably quite easily plant a bomb that would wipe Bane out. Or assassinate him unexpectedly. The Joker has the advantage of anarchistic freedom that means he could legitimately be a threat to anyone, anytime; even someone as powerful and intelligent as Bane.

The Joker also doesn’t particularly care if he lives or dies, so he can be reckless and over-the-top and do unpredictable and insane things. Bane was willing to die for his and Talia’s cause, but that meant he was only willing to die a certain way (ie blowing up Gotham) and therefore had to strategise and take calculated risks (as opposed to The Joker’s fairly uncalculated risks) in order to stay alive. So that is why I think The Joker probably would win against Bane, unless it was simply a fist-fight.

I like to think that, if The Joker had been a character option for ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ the movie could have included a scene (early on, once Bane is in Gotham) which showed Bane infiltrating Arkham Asylum, having a sinister chat with a locked-up Joker, and then killing him, in order to eliminate someone who Bane would perceive as a threat to his and Talia’s plans running smoothly. I dunno, I guess most people have their own ideas about how they would have liked to have seen The Joker incorporated into TDKR, but my personal desire would have been to see Bane and The Joker talking about their mutual disdain for Batman. I don’t think the conversation would have lasted long, but I think, despite how different they are from each other, they have the same level of disgust for Batman’s (what they perceive to be) unjustified self-righteousness. I certainly don’t think they would have bonded over that, or worked together, but I think there could have been a moment of recognition before Bane snapped his neck or strangled him or something equally brutal.

I’ll end on that pleasant note…


Thanks for the cool ask!

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Tonight is Bane night

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Arthur & Eames Meet Blake & Bane

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Tom Hardy + memorable lines

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sexy can i


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They unite under the name of fried chicken



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Oh Yes! I was wondering what would break first…your spirit, or your body.

The first 3 times in the theater, I had to cover my eyes because I just couldn’t… although I knew it was coming. It’s THAT Bane moment from the comics. Unreal. 

Regardless, it was a spectacular scene, incredibly well-handled.

I also vote for all movie posters to be moving images like this. 


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