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Hey ! Joe, welcome to China . #josephgordonlevitt [x]

It seems Joe is in China, maybe for something related to financial backing for an upcoming project? (I’m reminded of Looper's co-production status.) This sweatshirt has only been available since December, so I’ll assume this is current until I learn otherwise.

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Joe and Schmoyoho (aka Michael Gregory who wrote the song) perform It’s Fantastic live at Participant Media’s Sundance party: Watch it on Hitrecord.

Joe also performed with Peppina a song called La Belle et la Bête. I haven’t seen a clip of the full performance yet, just short snippets. But head over to Hitrecord and watch the gorgeous musical short film based on this song, which is featured in the second episode of Hitrecord On TV Re: Fantasy.

The Rolling Stone has another write up of the Sundance premiere of Hitrecord On TV with a little more info about the three episodes that were screened.

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Look who I ran into backstage! He is as wonderful in person as you think! Tune in tonight!!

: Look who I ran into backstage!

You’re one of the greatest singers going. So happy to meet you!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Sally Field at CinemaCon, April 17

Last night Kathleen Kennedy was honored with the Pionieer of the Year Award at CinemaCon. Sally Field presented her the award and Joe was the host of the night.

Are that umbrellas on his shirt?

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satine macht :)


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consider that dog walked.

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Oh hey there.

This is funny because… IT’S NOT JOSH. What? So many stupid fangirls.

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