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My name is Breezy. My blog is 99% Arthur and Eames and all things Hannibal. I watch Suits, AHS, Hannibal and Breaking Bad. I also make gifs. Hi.

Tom Hardy + Rocco the Dog ♥

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My Favorite Actors - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Bane: that man is quite the handsome devil…he looks familiar

(Bane in a Bane…inception…or bane-ception!)

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt photographed by Jay L. Clendenin for the Los Angeles Times (December 2013)

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Stop it with your tight black shirt, sir. Who do you think you are—Bane?

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Here’s Tom (on the make-up session deleting the tattoos) with Richard Norton, the australian martial artist, co-fight coordinator/stunt performer on Fury Road.

PS: And Tom’s wearing the Alfalfa look in his hair. Lol

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt | On set of 'Don Jon'

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Hey ! Joe, welcome to China . #josephgordonlevitt [x]

It seems Joe is in China, maybe for something related to financial backing for an upcoming project? (I’m reminded of Looper's co-production status.) This sweatshirt has only been available since December, so I’ll assume this is current until I learn otherwise.

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