I love Mama Schmidt.

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“Let’s just finger each others mouths.”

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This movie is probably the funniest thing I’ve … seen in a long time. Funnier than Grandma’s Boy.

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21 Jump Street was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire movie. I highly recommend it! Overall great plot, dialogue, acting and cinematography :)

The only weird part was that at the end I could tell some scenes had been cut between Ellie Kemper (the Chem teacher) and Channing Tatum’s characters because the things she said at the Prom didn’t make that much sense..And in the credits it showed them hooking up in a closet (so I bet that scene had to be cut and moved to the credits)…

On a somewhat related note, Ellie Kemper went to the small St. Louis high school that I went to (John Burroughs), and her little brother was the Student Body President two grades above me (and he was really funny too)!

Also Dave Franco was soooo hot, and I was rooting for him even though he was the semi-bad guy!

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Fuck You Science!!



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I saw 21 Jump Street today, and it was awesome.

I can see myself watching that a million times over.

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