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My name is Breezy. My blog is 99% Arthur and Eames and all things Hannibal. I watch Suits, AHS, Hannibal and Breaking Bad. I also make gifs. Hi.
Josh Hutcherson appreciating Zac Efron appreciation post.
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This is the last time I’m going to say something about this. Please, stop asking me to post Josh Hutcherson ‘rare’ pictures because I’m done with that. My ‘privileges’, if you will, have been revoked. My access to that side of his life is now gone. Anything I ever was going to post, I have already posted. And, no, I will not post them without the tags on them, ever, so stop passive aggressively bitching like that will get a response. It’s been over 2 years and people are still asking. Just, stop. Please. I should not try to type my own URL into the browser and get a search result for “sodamnflossy Josh Hutcherson”. It’s sad.

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Merry Christmas.



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Catching Fire Cast: Josh Hutcherson.

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