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My name is Breezy. My blog is 99% Arthur and Eames and all things Hannibal. I watch Suits, AHS, Hannibal and Breaking Bad. I also make gifs. Hi.
Tom Hardy gif dump: dot the i (2003)

I role play a lot and, anyone who does knows, AUs are fun. It came to me that having younger gifs of Tom would be nice, so I made some from dot the i. Below the cut are 83 gifs of Tom in the film. All made by me.

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Tom on the set of Warrior (2009).

Photo 3. With Manuel Espinosa | Source

Photo 4. Tom on the set of Warrior. This is from the part they cut about Tommy being in prison.

George Romero “Got back from Philadelphia and West Virginia, the shooting was long hours (17.5 hrs. first day) and (22 hrs. the second day). I play the role of Mexican High security prison en Juarez, escorting the Gringo Fighter (Tom Hardy the hero of the movie) with the two Mexican Federales.”

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More on the set of Warrior back to 2009. Here with fans, extras…!

Photo 3. @miagatto “Flexing with #TomHardy. He’s got some guns. #TBT”
Photo 5 and 6.Cindy Lorentz “with lead actor Tom Hardy”
September 5, 2009.

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Warrior | Auction Photos
December 11, 2011.

Source THAS.

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Bashful Tommy.

Inspired by this commentary by Frank Grillo on Tom Hardy:

My pal Tom Hardy is a passive guy to know him. He’s a little dude – he’s smaller than I am – and when he’s not jacked up he’s probably 160lbs, but Tommy, like Cagney, has got this inner rage and this believability about him. It’s those kind of guys that I love: those quiet little guys.”

Because we all know Tommy is a big sweetheart at heart.

tomhardies…I don’t regret a thing. This is Tommy Hardy’s true form.

'those quiet little guys'

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Freddie Jackson’s Swagger

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Tom Hardy out shopping in L.A., Oct. 4th 2014

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